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Hytrol’s Model 25-CREZD is a chain driven live roller conveyor designed for zero pressure accumulation of both unitized or palletized loads. This conveyor combines Hytrol’s patented EZLogic® accumulation system with Hytrol’s EZDrive™ system to provide the most versatile conveyor of its kind. This heavy duty conveyor is capable of reliably conveying and accumulating loads from 3000 pounds down to an empty pallet or slip sheet. The 25-CREZD design eliminates many mechanical components associated with conventional conveyors of its kind. Elimination of these mechanical components means less maintenance, lower elevations when required, and more flexibility available to meet your specific application requirements. Utilizing EZLogic®'s sleep mode functionality allows the zone drives to run only when needed - thereby minimizing energy consumption. The many standard features combined with the many optional features that are available for the 25-CREZD certainly makes it a leader in conveyor technology.


bullet EZDrive™ System - energy efficient, low maintenance, & quiet
bulletEZLogic® Accumulation System - flexible & reliable operation
bulletAvailable with Retroreflective or Diffuse sensing of product
bullet6-1/2" minimum top of roller elevation
bulletCapacity - Up to 3000 lbs per zone
bulletReversing option available
bulletSoftstart/Softstop and Variable Frequency Drive options available
bullet4" or 6" roller centers available
bullet2-1/2" diameter rollers chain driven roll-to-roll
bulletZone lengths from 30" to 120"

The 25-CREZD may be applied in a wide variety of applications where large unitized loads or palletized loads need to be conveyed and accumulated with no back pressure. It is ideal for shipping and receiving pallets, and where these operations need to be combined into one conveyor, the conveyor may be supplied with the reversing option. The 25-CREZD fitted with the softstart/softstop option makes it great for handling tall palletized loads moving from a palletizer to a stretch wrapper where sudden starting and stopping may risk toppling or shingling of the product.

EZLogic®'s onboard zone-on-delay timer makes unloading accumulated pallets a breeze on the 25-CREZD. When a pallet is removed from an accumulated line, the pallet upstream from the unloaded zone will delay advancing forward. This allows the forklift time to clear the conveyor path, preventing jams during unloading.

An infeed loading zone delay kit is available for applications where product needs to be loaded on the infeed zone with a forklift. This kit delays the loaded pallet from advancing forward thus giving the forklift time to clear the conveyor after positioning the product on the infeed zone.

The combination of EZLogic® and EZDrive™ technology makes the 25-CREZD ideal for pallet storage and retrieval systems. When pallets are accumulated or not flowing on the conveyor the zones go into sleep mode. While in sleep mode, the zone stops running in order to save energy and save wear on mechanical components.

The flexibility combined with the robustness of Hytrol’s Model 25-CREZD makes it the ideal solution for many large item and pallet applications.

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