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Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. High Speed Sortation – ProSort 400 Elite Series
Watch The Video: High Speed Sortation – ProSort 400 Elite Series

Hytrol’s ProSort 400 Elite family of sorters is specifically designed to handle high-speed applications. The ProSort 421 is designed to sort products at a 22-degree angle where high speeds are required. With the ProSort 421, speeds of 700 FPM are possible. The ProSort 431 is designed to sort products at a 30-degree angle where close divert centers are required. With this model, speeds of 350 FPM are possible. The ProSort 421 & 431 series is offered as single-sided, diverting from either side.

For systems requiring dual-sided sorting, Hytrol offers the ProSort 422 & 432. These models use a dual-sided wraparound shoe, which is similar to the single-sided shoe, but offers the ability to sort in either direction. The shoe fits the same slat and is designed to be jam-resistant. This allows for increased carton rate with higher throughput. The center switch used with the dual sided option is designed to require zero electric or pneumatic service for operation.

Features of the ProSort 400 Elite Series:

  • Low friction wrap-around shoe
  • Wide anodized aluminum slats
  • Integration of ProLogix controls package (includes a three year warranty)
  • Two standard divert options
  • Polyurethane bearing track

Benefits of ProSort 400 Elite Series:

High Sort Rates Perfect for applications requiring positive and gentle diverting
Simplified Integration Works flawlessly with Hytrol's Plug-N-Go wiring for quick, easy install
Quiet Operation Equipped with rubber isolators to reduce noise
Variable Speed Control Greater flexibility to meet the demands of virtually any application
Ease of Maintenance Equipped with access panel and extra switch to minimize downtime
Watch The Video

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