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Hytrol. We Know Conveyor. Hytrol EZDrive
New Video: Hytrol's EZDrive™ Accumulating Pallet Conveyors

EZDrive™ is a series of zone drives and starter boxes that work in conjunction with EZLogic®, Hytrol's method of zero-pressure accumulation control. The zone starter box acts as an interface between EZDrive™ & EZLogic® and allows each zone to be controlled by an EZLogic® controller.

  • Quick-connect wiring harnesses reduce installation time & cost.
  • Allows zone drives to distribute power on a zone level.
  • Eliminates the need for conventional zone clutches and mechanical equipment associated with a single high-torque drive.
  • Drive shuts down when not in use to save energy and create less wear and tear on mechanical components.
  • The EZDrive™ system also offers complete overload protection for each zone drive.

Watch the NEW EZDrive™ video!

New Video: Hytrol's EZDrive ™ Accumulating Pallet Conveyors

Optionally, you can upgrade the starter box to include variable frequency drives which help control acceleration, deceleration and even speed of individual zones.

EZDrive™ Applications

The EZDrive™ system works with a variety of applications, from slipsheets & heavy cartons to pallet loads and steel containers. The following conveyor models are capable of applications using the EZDrive™ system.

Model 199 CREZD Model 25 CREZD Model 36 CREZD Model PLEZD
Designed for applications with loads under 1,000 lbs per zone. Designed for products weighing up to 4,000 lbs. Designed for heavy duty applications. Designed to handle footed pallets and unitized loads.
Light pallet loads & heavy individual cartons. Capable of empty pallets & slip sheets Steel container loads up to 6,000 lbs. Items normally considered non-conveyable on rollers.
Manufacturing applications where environment is not suitable for belt-driven rollers.      

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