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Hytrol. We Know Conveyor.
Retail Bookseller Realizes Accuracy, Speed & Throughput With Hytrol Conveyors

Book Distribution Industry Solutions - Retail Bookseller "Product was delivered when we needed it and it all worked out very well timewise. There have been so many advantages with the new system in place. The accuracy, speed, and the throughput Hytrol affords us has improved our services to our customers. We are very happy with Hytrol."
- VP of Distribution & Logistics

Case Study Focus: Website Orders And Store Replenishment. Key System Solutions: Receiving, Picking, Consolidation, Packing, Shipping. Product Handled: Books.

This Fortune 500 company, is the world's largest bookseller. In addition to extensive Internet sales, they operate approximately 800 stores in 50 states. The logistics of timely store replenishment and rapid, accurate fulfillment of Internet orders presents an enormous challenge at this level of business.

A New Mega Distribution Center

Bookseller Distribution CenterThe distribution center houses over 1 million book titles in quantities ranging from multiple trailer loads of popular titles to one or two volumes of very obscure books. Accordingly, inventory storage media varies from high-rise, narrow aisle pallet rack to flow rack and finally to acres of multi-level shelving.

Virtually all aspects of the distribution process are automated. Tracking labels are generated and automatically applied to cartons at receiving. Multiple sortation systems deliver inventory to storage and picking locations. Batch picking is directed by RF interface and routed through zones by scanner directed diverters. Book orders are simultaneously assembled from each picking batch by tilt tray sorters.

Over 13 miles of Hytrol conveyor carries cartons and totes through all of the distribution processes, from receiving to shipping. The entire system is monitored from a central control room equipped with displays that indicate status of all areas of operation.

"The company had previous experience with Hytrol and the Hytrol Integration Partner and we knew Hytrol produced a quality and reliable conveyor. This previous experience was always very positive. The Integration Partner and Hytrol stood behind their products and services and had become good partners through the years."

- VP of Distribution & Logistics

Receiving Inventory
Book Distribution (Receiving) Book Distribution (Inventory)
Cartons are scanned and matched to purchases then the Hytrol ProSort directs them to a series of processing and auditing stations. Forward pick locations and shelving mezzanines are supplied by a series of conveyors and sorters that deliver replenishment inventory.
Picking Consolidation
Book Distribution (Picking) Book Distribution (Consolidation)
Within each level of picking modules, a series of scanners and diverters automatically direct cartons to only those zones where picks are required. The packing sortation system is a tilt tray design where individual books are placed on induction stations and sorted to chutes that each represents a single order.
Packing Shipping
Book Distribution (Packing) Book Distribution (Shipping)
Open cartons, containing completed orders, are conveyed to a series of taping and print & apply stations then sealed, weighed and labeled before automatically inducted into the shipping system. The shipping sorter is a single loop tilt tray design, capable of sorting up to 170 cartons per minute to shipping doors and small package positions. Shipping door positions are equipped with flexible, extendible conveyors for truck loading.

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