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August 2007 Vol. 3 No. 8

Conveyor Tips & Information

  1. When ordering Skatewheel Conveyors it is important to determine the number of wheels per foot on the conveyor. There should always be a minimum of 10 wheels under a box.
  2. For Gravity Roller Conveyors the rollers are put in frames as close together or as far apart as necessary, but there should always be three (3) rollers under the box. With less than three rollers the box tumbles, best-3 rollers under box at all times. This determines the roller centers to order.
  3. An underside take-up or center drive and take-up are often used on Belt Conveyors, when the overall length of the conveyor cannot be changed or the overall length is 60 ft long (or more).

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Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc. can provide you with a variety of conveyors, supports, accessories, replacement parts, and electrical controls. Our online shopping makes it easy for you, our customer, to find exactly what you need…you choose your model and options and we provide you with the correct components.

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Hytrol Spotlight

Hytrol 's ABEZ Provides Superior Flow Control Without Product Damage

Model ABEZ Load the ABEZ with product and see the results:

  • Absolutely zero backpressure at the discharge end or anywhere along the length
  • Staging of product with no product damage
  • Carton can be placed or removed anywhere along the length
  • Minimal power consumption and equipment wear

Hytrol's Model ABEZ uses the patented EZLogic® accumulation system making it the most versatile zero pressure live roller accumulation conveyor of its type. The EZLogic® accumulation modules sense product presence to determine whether a zone should be driving or accumulating.

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ABEZ Features
  • Patented EZLogic® Accumulation System – Flexible & Reliable operation
  • Retroreflective or Diffuse Sensing of Product
  • New Trapped Roller Design - Provides quiet operation and reduced frame wear
  • New Integral Tail Design - with Heavy Duty Bearings
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation of Product
  • Standard Zone Lengths – 12, 18, 24, 30, & 36
  • No Minimum Product Weight
  • Capacity – up to 150 lbs per foot
  • Product Jam Detection
  • Sleep Mode – Saves Energy and Equipment Wear when not in use
  • Selectable Singulation Mode, Slug Mode or Any Combination
  • Intermediate Zones Stop Available in Every Zone for Maximum Flexibility
  • Lengths – up to 200 feet
  • Brake Rollers Located in Every Zone for Good Product Control
  • Optional ABEC Roller Bearings Available for High Speed Applications
Hytrol EZLogicFeatures
  • Ease of Installation and Replacement
  • Dynamic Zone Allocation - Provides Unprecedented Throughput Possibilities
  • Easy to Configure
  • Expanded Control Options
  • Functionality to Enhance Product Flow
  • Greatly Simplifies Field Wiring
ABEZ Application Information

Accumulating Application

Many factors affect the proper operation of accumulating conveyors such as speed, box weight and box size. Zero pressure conveyor may be either mechanically, pneumatically or electronically operated. Electronically operated units have no minimum weight requirement and do not use sensing rollers.

Accumulating Application

Distribution center applications:

  • Flow control for merging conveyor lines
  • Staging areas for order consolidation
  • Buffer zones to prior to downstream operations
  • Sortation induction
  • Staging for pallet building operations
  • Creation of "throw on" points

Manufacturing applications:

  • Progressive assembly operations
  • Non-synchronous flow of material between processes
  • Testing operations
  • Queuing functions
  • Kitting operations

Commonly accumulated products:

  • Cartons
  • Tote boxes
  • Fixtures
  • Products with firm bottom
  • Cylinders

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