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February 2007 Vol. 3 No. 2

Lift Tables

Babush is a leading supplier of Southworth Lift Tables. We can provide you with the broadest product line, largest inventory of stock models, the most flexible range of modifications and most experienced designers.

They include:

  • Lift TableBacksaver Lifts
    Over 1 million configuration available
  • Backsaver Lite Lifts
    Get the benefit of an industrial grade lift table even if you’re lifting less than 2,000 pounds
  • Backsaver Lite Compact Lifts
    Industrial grade lift tables specifically designed for applications involving lighter loads.
  • Backsaver Lite Portable Lifts
    They go anywhere you need them
  • Powered Driven Backsaver Lite Lifts
    Powered portability for operator convenience
  • LS Series Plus Lifts
    LS Series is our core product -- it is an extremely rugged and reliable machine.
  • LS Series Wide Base Lifts
    LS Series Plus lifts are available with capacities up to 12,000 lbs.
  • Lift TablesLSH Spacesaver High Rise Lift
    Vertical travel up to 12 feet
  • LST Series Tandem Lift
    Extra long or extra wide platforms
  • Flush Mount Turntable Lifts
    Rotate the work instead of moving the worker.
  • L Series Cam Lifts
    High capacity lifts in a compact design
  • Lift TableLiftMat Series Floor Height Lifts
    Super flat low profile lifts
  • Pneumatic Lifts
    Use anywhere that shop air is available
  • DL Series Heavy-Duty Lift Tables
    Heavy duty lifts for heavy industrial applications
  • Mast Style Lifts
    Ideal for working from smaller totes
  • ZLS Series Floor Height Lifts
    Hand pallet truck accessible
Hytrol Spotlight

How Hytrol Conveyor Minimizes Your Total Investment

The total cost of ownership of your material handling purchase is more than the cost of the equipment itself.

Our commitment to reducing your total investment includes:

  • Engineering our products to facilitate planned maintenance and long life.
  • Assembling and testing each conveyor prior to shipment.
  • "Best In Class" marking and crating for seamless shipping.
  • Shipping with minimum disassembly for fast installation.
Design Experience = Immediate Results
Lean Manufacturing = Long Life
Proper Planning = Time Savings
Hytrol = Best ROI


Design, Evaluate and Improve

EngineeringWhat this means to you:

  • The equipment is up for the task when you are, thanks to 60 years of experience engineering conveying systems.
  • Continuous improvement will always lead to using high-quality long-life components to minimize the risk of failure.
  • A massive commitment to Research and Development ensures you cutting edge products that are the highest quality.
  • Advanced technology using AutoCAD and Inventor speed the process and integrate well into your master documents saving you additional effort.

Manufacturing and Testing

Each Conveyor Is Test Run

Manufacturing & TestingWhat this means to you:

  • You know it's right when your conveyor leaves our facility.
  • You don't have to do the testing in a production environment.
  • We leave the powertrain intact which saves you tons of installation time.
  • No chain cutting. No figuring out what goes where.
  • You don't spend any time dealing with electrical and pneumatic devices because they operate as intended with no out-of-box failures.
  • Our Lean Manufacturing processes build quality into every manufacturing function.

Transportation and Installation

Our Planning is Your Savings

Match Mark NumbersWhat this means to you:

  • We plan for your success by carefully match marking each powered conveyor section as it was set up in the testing phase.
  • Your time is spent re-constructing equipment not hunting for the right piece of the puzzle.
  • Each crate is marked with the item numbers so you can start where you want when you want without having to unpack everything.

Documentation and Support

Time is Money

Hytrol Serial NumberWhat this means to you:

  • Each powered conveyor has a serial number that is a historical record of exactly how the equipment was built to your specifications.
  • Our records go back 60 years so you can be assured that you will be supported for years to come.
  • The standard documentation includes safety guidelines, installation instructions, parts diagrams and planned maintenance recommendations.

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