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             March 2006                                                                                                                Volume 2 No. 3


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Babush Goes That Extra Mile

When Babush sells a conveyor system, we sell more than just products. We are giving our commitment to provide the highest quality, most reliable products available, and the training and support needed to make your purchase valuable for years to come. We listen to you, our customer, and your needs to build partnerships that help your business succeed.




Babush's team of experienced, qualified technicians and engineers provide you with expertise in the following areas: Full Installation Assistance, Complete Maintenance, Quality Workmanship,
Emergency Repairs, Troubleshooting, System Refurbishment, Preventative Maintenance Packages

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Skewing Rollers

If you have the need to position product to one side of a conveyor, skewing rollers is your best bet.

Skewing rollers is accomplished by removing one or more rollers and angling other rollers so they are not perpendicular to the side of the conveyor frame. Skewing rollers on a live roller conveyor will cause the conveyed product to "walk" towards one edge of the conveyor. Several factors will determine the distance of a product that must travel before it reaches the target area or "side travel" (side of conveyor you want the product to walk to). The factors include: Width of conveyor, length of product, amount of canting (the distance the rollers are skewed e.g.; If rollers are on 3" centers and the roller is skewed one position the canting is 3"). The application shown is used in conjunction with a pivot diverter.

Just as your product walks to one edge of the conveyor so does the v-belt driving the roller. Therefore, it is important that you have a means of capturing the v-belt so it doesn't walk off the drive pulley. This is accomplished by installing positive drive sheaves to retain the v-belt.

Skewing rollers is not recommended on spool or line shaft conveyors. The angle creates extra drag which reduces the drive capability of the roller.

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Conveying Totes

Guidelines for moving totes on your conveyor.

There are many benefits when conveying totes. They are consistent dimensionally and in weight, ergonomic, clean, and reduce the maintenance issues associated with corrugated dust. Many have the ability for RFID as well as areas for bar code labels and security ties for safe shipping.

Even with all these benefits, there are a number of factors to consider when designing a conveyor system that will be moving totes, especially if they will be moving on an incline.

One important feature when selecting totes is the design of the totes themselves:

Make sure they have a continuous edge or "bumper" around the top. The larger the bumper, the less likely they are to "shingle" when accumulating.

The main component for success on conveyor is flatness of the bottom. Some of the molding processes and cheaper totes do not have flat bottoms. It's obvious that the more surface area to come in contact with the conveyor, the more conveyable the tote. The flatness tolerance should always be considered when specifying a system that will be moving totes.

Another way to improve conveying totes on inclines is to use totes with a textured bottom. This is molded in and creates a rough surface that the belt can "grip". In any case, if there are questions concerning the conveyability of the tote, remember that we offer testing of end user products, including totes.

Safety First

Lift tables and positioners are a great way to increase efficiency and reduce the chances of injury.

Are you in need of ergonomic material handling equipment? Babush can provide you with equipment for vertical lifting and work positioning that is designed to improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for workplace injuries. Some of these lifts will adjust themselves to optimal height as the load changes - letting workers focus on the job at hand and not the machine. Our lines of material handling equipment and container handling equipment include: scissor lift tables, container tilters, pallet level loaders, pallet trucks, turntables and other palletizing equipment, coil and roll handling equipment, roll handling equipment, roll on level loaders, dock lifts, vertical conveyors, and manual lifter transporters.

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About Us

Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc. provides state-of-the-art material handling services through rapid development of new technologies and partnering programs. With over 75 years in material handling integration, Babush is positioned to provide you with the most cost effective solutions, on-time deliveries, and high quality customer care for all your material handling integration needs. Some of our services include: Audits and Consulting, Layout and Simulation, Project Management, Turnkey Installation, Maintenance and Service, and more. Visit our website for more information and find out how Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc. can become your Single Source Solutions Provider!


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