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  June 2005  
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Quick Tip of the Month

Pallet Handling Load Application

When a pallet load application is before us, there are two key questions to ask:

bottom of pallet surface         what is load weight?

Load capacity usually can be handled simply by selecting a conveyor with structural and drive capacity. This is normally done at the factory. The pallet bottom, however, is another matter entirely. Let's look at some conveying surfaces.

Although you may think you are conveying a "STANDARD PALLET", don't believe it!! While pallets may appear similar, they are NOT and careful attention must be given to the pallet bottom deck. Will the pallet "runners" be parallel or perpendicular to the conveyor rollers?

Perpendicular, Parallel, or maybe Both!

Runners perpendicular are always best. Runners parallel should be avoided. If runners are in both directions, the pallet could be used bi-directionally, ie., placed on the conveyor in either orientation.

roller conveyorActually, most pallets are one of several variation of one-way only stringers. At right are some examples of different pallet types. Some standardization does occur in the pallet industry, and further standardization continues, however, many pallet types are available and you must be aware of the type or types of pallets to be used in your application. When purchasing pallets, cost is often a major concern. In this respect, we cannot expect to always convey perfect pallets.


Did You Know...

Baking Industryunderwater

Babush can provide you with The Designer System family of continuous plastic chain curving conveyors. The Designer System is a truly modular conveyor capable of horizontal and vertical bands within one chain design. These systems are widely used in food production, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. The Designer System represents the only sanitary plastic conveyance system that is a single, integrated design by one manufacturer.

lift            Topper Lift


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spotlightProduct Spotlight

Expressway Belt Sawtooth Merge

Hytrol's Expressway Belt Sawtooth offers an all new concept in sawtooth merges. It consists of a belt-over-roller design. The rollers extend beyond the belt into the "tooth" where their diameter is increased. This increased diameter allows merging cartons to transition onto the belt. The tooth also contains a powered guide rail to positively convey merging product through the "tooth" area. The Expressway is modular in design, allowing it to be easily configured for your particular requirements.


  • Quiet Operation
  • Positive carton merging
  • High Speed
  • Trackable Cartons
  • Modular Design
  • Robust Construction

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