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  June 2005  
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Quick Tip of the Monthslider bed conveyor


Boxes may be sorted from a slider bed or a roller bed.

Model TA
Model TL
Model SB

Model RB


Belt conveyors are usually best where we must divert a package to a specific location in an exact time frame. Since there is less package slippage on a belted unit, timing can be more exact.

In the example below, the Hytrol ProSort 50/50 pusher is being used with the Hytrol Model SB. This pusher has been specifically designed for use with this conveyor.

roller conveyor


Pushing a box off a conveyor belt may affect the belt tracking. When pushing boxes over 15 to 20 lbs., a roller bed conveyor should be used with a special smooth surface (low coefficient of friction) belt which allows a box to slide off easily. The bottom side of this belt must have a high coefficient of friction to prevent it from sliding laterally across the rollers.


Conveyor Safety Resources:

southworth liftDid You Know...

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Hytrol ProSortProduct Spotlight

Hytrol's Model ProSort SC series of sorters consist of a belt conveyor fitted with divert modules that are powered from the belt. The divert modules contain high friction wheels that pivot in order to direct cartons from the main belt conveyor onto take-away lines. The ProSort SC1 diverter can direct products to take-away lines located either on the right or left side of the conveyor while the ProSort SC2 diverter can direct products to both the right and left sides of the conveyor. Take-away lines may be either gravity skatewheel or powered rollers. Spurs may be slave driven from the diverter when the application requires powered take-away rollers but where the additional drives on the spurs would not be cost effective.


  • Divert rates up to 100 cartons per minute
  • Speeds up to 300 feet per minute
  • Package weights up to 75 lbs
  • Minimum package size - 6 in. wide x 9 in. long
  • Positioning diverter for justifying products
  • Precision bearings in rollers for quiet operation
  • No chain drives for low maintenance
  • Drive - variable frequency driven shaft mounted gearmotor
  • High performance drive w/ pneumatic belt tensioner on units over 30 ft long
  • Flexible divert module location
  • Optional slave driven spurs

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