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  June 2005  
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Case Study:

Throughput Jumps with
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Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc.
Sussex, WI

A Company on the Move
BuySeasons is a fast growing online costume retailer with over 10,000 items available to choose from.  When they decided a jump in productivity was desperately needed, they looked to Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc. to install a conveyor system that would provide them with the ability to handle seasonal increases in orders that are consistent in their industry. The main objective was to reduce the time from order picking to shipping to insure delivery of costumes in the timeliest manner.  With three main seasons - Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, it was imperative that the system had the ability to handle the peck loads that occur as the special dates gets closer.

"This operation is helping BuySeasons meet its strict service commitment to customers.  We are extremely impressed with the expertise Babush offered; they were able to take our vision and goals and turn them into reality."

--President and CEO Jalem Getz

How the system works:  
The order pickers take carts along rows of racks and pull items to fill each individual order. These carts are then taken to 20 packing stations where packers place the items and the packing slip in boxes that best suit the size of the order. The filled boxes are placed onto the live roller accumulation conveyor running in front of each packing station. The boxes then travel to a Live Roller Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor which controls the boxes before they enter the divert area before the shipping stations. Through the use of a Double Powered Pivot Diverter they are able to function with maximum efficiency based on their order volume. BuySeasons can run one lane in the shipping area when volume levels are low, requiring only one shipper to handle the load. As the volume increases they are able to activate the diverter which allows them to divert boxes to two separate lanes and increase the amount of shipping personnel to four at peck volume levels. After the boxes have been scanned and the shipping label applied the boxes move down the conveyor to the box sealers. Here the boxes are automatically closed and taped, then travel to a merge area where two lanes converge and the boxes travel single file to the loading dock.

The previous system was a basic roller coaster design utilizing gravity conveyors. This system was able to handle 8000 boxes over 3 shifts at peck volume. The new system has the ability to handle 20,000 boxes over a 2 shift period. Babush designed a system that provided BuySeasons a 100% increase in throughput with a 25%-35% increase in productivity; therefore requiring less labor during non-peck volume levels. An additional benefit was BuySeason's ability to reduce costs related to packing errors resulting in less returned items.

System Hy-Lites

  • Facility Size: 81,000 sq. ft. - 66,000 sq. ft. of distribution
  • Employees: 55 full time employees, seasonal peck of 250 employees
  • Product Handled: Online costume retailer
  • Types of Conveyors: Minimum Pressure Accumulation Live Roller Conveyors, Live Roller Curve Conveyors, Zero Pressure Accumulation Live Roller Conveyors, Live Roller Spur Conveyor, Double Powered Pivot Diverter, Flexible Roller Conveyor
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Bevco / Babush Introduces New General Manager

General Manager

It is our pleasure to introduce Marc Jorgensen, recently appointed General Manager of Bevco Engineering / Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc., a systems solutions provider of industrial controls and integrated material handling systems.  Jorgensen is responsible for managing and integrating the engineering, production, financial and human resource functions of our organization.  Previous to joining the company, Jorgensen was president of Jorgensen Conveyors for 10 years, successfully leading that organization in the development of a formalized quality assurance system, lean manufacturing and establishment of a culture of continuous improvement. Jorgensen has a technical background in accounting and a CPA credential. Jorgensen holds an MBA from the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

"I am excited about the opportunity that Bevco/Babush has given me as its General Manager. I look forward to helping build on the company's successful past and help cultivate an environment of continuous improvement. Bevco/Babush has established an impressive customer base through the company's focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty; I will seek to assist in supporting those strong partnerships with our customers."

Welcome Marc! We at Bevco Engineering and Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc. look forward to the opportunity to serve under your leadership.

Quick Tips

Quick Tip of the Month

Using Zero Pressure conveyors in assembly and inspection applications

ezlogic2ezlogic1When using zero pressure conveyors in assembly and inspection applications, it is often necessary to remove a product from a conveyor for a short time and then replace it. It may be desirable to keep the "inspection" zone empty and to hold back any incoming product until the removed product is replaced. An easy way to do this is to provide a zone stop signal to the inspection zone and to use the "zone­ on delay timer" function of EZLogic. This timer may be set to hold back any incoming product for 15, 30, or 45 seconds. The inspection zone will remain empty and stopped during this time. When the product is replaced in the inspection zone, the zone stop is released to allow the boxes to advance normally.


Did You Know...

Our palletizers offer slow-speed economical line solution. The FL10 floor level palletizer provides an optimal price/speed combination for smaller production operations. For an economical price this automated palletizing solution stacks product at more than 10 cases per minute (CPM).fl-10

Small enough to be installed through 8′ x 8′ doorways, the FL10's compact footprint utilizes less than 60 square feet of floor space, often a critical consideration for smaller plants. It comes preprogrammed with easy-to-run common palletizing patterns for simplified operation. The FL10 also features a welded-frame and rugged construction to assure long-lasting operation and reliability.

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Product Spotlight

Hytrol ZipperHytrol's Zipper is a wide belt conveyor fitted with fixed belt plows for the purpose of merging cartons from multiple parallel lines. The conveyor utilizes a unique belt type designed for tracking on a low length-to-width ratio. Also, tracking idlers are angled and skewed to properly position the belt on the pulleys.

The plow structure is floor supported and spans the conveyor width. This structure is used to support the belt plows over the conveyor belt and near the belt for low profile cartons. The plow support is designed to allow adjustment of exact plow location.

The conveyor and plows are direct driven with shaft mounted gearmotors and variable speed drives.


  • High Speed Capability
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Belt Designed for Ease of Tracking
  • Adjustable Positioning of Plows
  • Powered Belt Plows


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