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  June 2005  
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Case Study

Babush Increases Productivity 100%

Alta Resources, Inc.
System Integrator
Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc.
Sussex, WI

"Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc. was able to provide Alta Resources with an automated conveyor system that achieved the huge jump in productivity we were looking for - throughput and productivity increased by 100%."

--Program Director Mike Ryder

The Desired Solution
New to the industry, Alta Resources started out with a very manual system in order to get a handle on what type of automation would give them the best results for the future. Now ready for an increase in productivity, Alta Resources called on Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc. to design an automated solution while utilizing the same amount of employees and warehouse space.

Upgrading and Improving
The manual system was first set up with the order pickers, taking carts along two rows of flow racking selecting items for each individual order. After the orders were filled and the carts were full, they were wheeled down to a table of packers that stuffed them into envelopes for mailing. As a result of the location of the Gaylord boxes, the packers were required to twist and turn to place the envelopes in the Gaylord boxes to be sent to the post office.

Babush designed a system that starts with a 65’ slider bed belt conveyor. After filling individual orders, the order pickers place them on the conveyor along with the packing slip. The orders follow along the conveyor and turn 90 degrees on a belted curve conveyor and then transfer onto another 10’ slider bed belt conveyor, where they are inspected by quality control. To eliminate possible jamming and product damage, Babush modified and powered the transfer rollers for a smooth transfer. This has proven to be very valuable, as it allows the DVD and VHS movies to move through the system with ease and keeps orders together on the line. The orders continue onto a 30’ slider bed belt conveyor with 10” wide model frames mounted along the side creating a work table, with a 12” gap between frames, for the packers to take the orders off the belt conveyor and place into envelopes. The packers then let the envelopes drop into the gap and onto chutes attached to the bottoms of the work benches. This allows the envelopes to fall onto a belted infeed conveyor running along the floor that feeds a 14’10” incline belt conveyor, which takes the envelopes and drops them into a Gaylord box for shipment. Orders are filled by postal zones that have been established by the postal service. Upon completion of the orders for a specific zone; the Gaylord is removed and replaced with an empty Gaylord for the next batch of orders.
Controls used in this process were individual starters with pushbutton start/stop stations on each conveyor. There is a variable speed controller on the packing conveyor to increase or decrease the speed, depending on how many packers are present. In addition, there are E-stop pull cords that run the full length of the conveyor system on both sides.

Benefits When Alta Resources, Inc. started this project the movie club had 79,000 members and they were filling 2,500 orders a day. They now have over 500,000 members and do 14,000 orders per day in the same facility.

System Hy-Lites

  • Facility Size: 35,000 sq. ft.
  • Employees: 75 full and part-time
  • Product Handled: DVD and VHS movies
  • Types of Conveyors: Straight Slider Bed Belt Conveyor, Curved Slider Bed Belt Conveyor, Incline Belt Conveyor

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Quick Tip of the Month

How to Adjust Conveyor Drive Chain Alignment and Tension

Your conveyor's drive chain and sprockets should be checked on a regular basis to insure proper tension, alignment and lubrication. Improper adjustment or lubrication may cause noise and/or extensive wear to the drive components, resulting in a shorter life cycle and decreased conveyor performance. The good news is that it’s something you can easily adjust and maintain. See illustrations (figures 21A-21C) below to help you with this information.

To make adjustments to your conveyor:

  1. Disconnect and lockout power to the conveyor.
  2. Remove the chain guard.
  3. Check sprocket alignment by placing a straightedge across the face of both sprockets. The faces of the two sprockets should be square with the straightedge. If not, loosen the set screws in one or both sprockets and adjust as necessary to align the two sprockets. Re-tighten the set screws.
  4. To adjust chain tension, loosen the bolts that fasten the motor base to mounting angles on both sides. Tighten take-up bolts until desired chain tension is reached. Do not over-tighten. A good rule of thumb is 1/4" deflection in the chain between the sprockets. Make sure both sides are adjusted the same amount to maintain sprocket alignment. This can be measured at the take-up bolts. Re-tighten mounting bolts.
  5. Lubricate the chain per your maintenance instructions.
  6. Replace the chain guard.
  7. Re-connect power on to conveyor and run to test.

Caution: Never remove chain guards while the conveyor is running. Always replace guards after adjustments are made.

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Product Spotlight

Hytrol's LD Pusher is a light duty pusher designed to easily mount to the side of many conveyor models. The LD Pusher provides an economical solution for pushing light-weight products off at a right angle to product flow.


  • Available in Two Stroke Lengths - 7 and 10 inch
  • UHMW Guides
  • Aluminum Pusher Face
  • Mounts to Right or Left Side of Conveyor
  • Maximum Carton Weight - 5 pounds
  • Minimum Pusher Centers - 6 inches
  • Standard Mounting for Many Models including TA, 138 & 190-ACC, 138 & 190 NSP, 190-LR, 190-ACZ

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