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  June 2005  
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Quick Tip of the Month

Unsafe conditions & environmental causes

Inadequate guarding or unguarded conveyors are a crucial safety breach that can be minimized with good training and employee awareness. Always have adequate conveyor guarding in every situation. You want to avoid fines and the potential injuries that can result by unsafe conditions. Defective conveyor equipment is unproductive and dangerous. When conveyors are not running at correct speeds, belt tensions, or in other ways, accidents can result. Your people should be trained to avoid these situations, and to report any malfunctioning conveying equipment as soon as they’re aware of it. Any facility that utilizes conveyors should work to train everyone involved in safe operations. This should include frequent updates and refresher classes. Training and process are probably the single most important aspect of conveyor safety. Everyone involved in a conveyor - using facility can be responsible for safety. Preventing unsafe acts should be part of your culture.

Twelve Conveyor Safety Rules

  • Don’t perform service on conveyor until motor disconnect is Locked Out.
  • Service conveyor with only authorized maintenance personnel.
  • Keep clothing, fingers, hair, and other parts of the body away from conveyor.
  • Don’t climb, step, sit or ride on conveyor at any time.
  • Don’t load conveyor outside of the design limits.
  • Don’t remove or alter conveyor guards or safety divides.
  • Know location and function of all stop/start controls.
  • Keep all stopping/starting control devices free from obstruct ions.
  • All personnel must be clear of conveyor before starting.
  • Operate conveyor with trained personnel only.
  • Keep area around conveyors clear of obstructions.
  • Report all unsafe practices to your supervisor.
Get Employees Involved

Establishing safety committees and inspection committees is one way to involve your people in issues involving their own safety. It helps both you and them to understand what issues may exist in the facility, and where people could be injured. Safety committees can frequently a nd comprehensively advise, evaluate, and investigate your material handling processes. The key for management is to get involved and ensure the committees meet, that they stay on - focus, and that standards are set.

Did You Know...

We understand the need for support. A few minutes of downtime can relate to lost opportunities and significant financial losses. Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc. can provide emergency breakdown assistance and Preventative Maintenance plans.

  1. Ensure longer life of your equipment
  2. Prevents costly downtime due to equipment failure
  3. Prevents costly service calls by establishing a regular preventative
    maintenance program
  4. Assurance that trained material handling professionals are handling your
    expensive equipment
  5. Babush understands material handling systems integration


Product Spotlight

ProLogix has been tested and proven in a wide variety of sortation applications from manufacturing to distribution. ProLogix’s main purpose is to sort product to the correct sortation lane as well as to ensure consistent monitoring and optimal performance of the equipment. ProLogix is designed to provide consistent quality performance for all Hytrol sortation solutions.


  • Easy Setup and Calibration of Sorter
  • Confirms proper Gaps between Products
  • Interfaces with Scanner or Host Computer
  • Dependable Tracking and Delivery of Product
  • Divert Confirmation and Host Notification
  • Full Lane and Lane Jam Detection
  • Interactive Screens to support Maintenance Personnel
  • Built in Diagnostics to Minimize Downtime
  • Remote Assistance via Modem

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