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  August 2004  
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Quick Tip of the Month

Pressure Adjustment

MODEL “ACC” (Figure 13A)

The “ACC” is equipped with suspension angles that support the pressure rollers and hold the drive V-belt in contact with the tread rollers. Knurled nuts allow the conveyor to be finely adjusted for minimum pressure accumulation. To make this adjustment, follow the steps listed below.

1. With conveyor running, reduce pressure on all tread rollers to zero by loosening the knurled adjustment nuts.

2. Place heaviest item to be conveyed on infeed end of conveyor, increase pressure under the item by tightening the knurled nuts. Apply only enough pressure to barely move the item.

3. As the item moves, continue adjustment ahead of item until it moves the entire length of conveyor.

4. Return item to infeed end of unit. It should now travel the entire length of conveyor. If not, repeat the adjustment procedure in the problem area.


MODEL “LRC”, “LRS”, & “LRSS” (Figure 13B)

Curves and spurs have snub sheaves that hold the drive v-belt in contact with its tread rollers. Adjustments are made by moving the snub sheaves up or down in the slotted conveyor channel.

When making adjustments, apply only enough force to move the heaviest item to be conveyed.



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