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from Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc.  
  August 2004  
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Quick Tip of the Month

  1. If a guard rail is used to guide boxes, caution should be taken. If too many boxes, especially heavy boxes up against the guard rail they will overload the drive. This is because the drive must now overcome the friction of boxes against the rail. In this case, a skatewheel rail face may be considered, especially on heavier boxes over 20 lbs.
  2. An “X” roller designed, trough rollers are sometime used where items cannot be placed on a horizontal conveyor. This will help to contain the item being conveyed. When doing this, always maintain six rollers under the product being conveyed.
  3. Boxes moved by a belt conveyor should not exceed the overall width of the Conveyor. Also, boxes of poor quality should not exceed the width of the belt since box edges may drag on sides of conveyor.

Case Studies

Visit our website (www.babush.com) for material handling case studies in a variety of industries.

This month we are highlighting the following case study:

Masterlock Distribution Center
(Distributor of Padlocks)
System Integrator:
Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Masterlock’s main objective when they opened a new facility in Louisville, Kentucky, was to increase capacity. Not only was this goal achieved but a number of other benefits were also realized. Read more at our website


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