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Babush relies on our in-house electrical design team to integrate the hardware and the control components of a material handling system. Our control design solutions range for hard-wired relay logic to sophisticated PLC and PC process controls. In many cases the solution is a combination of distributed local controls that interface with a primary control device that oversees the entire system. 

The key components of effective control design are:
bulletA thorough understanding of the systems functionality
bulletAny interface to legacy systems that may be in place.
bulletSelecting the proper control devices for the application.
bulletExperience in machine control.
bulletModular design to allow for expanding the functionality.
bulletClean and documented logic.
bulletSupport of the installed system.

We use the most recognized names in the industry:

bulletRSLogix 5/500/5000, RSLinx, RSEmulate, RSView, Panelbuilder
bulletCimplicity, VersaPro
bulletStep 5/7



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